Cochin is the plam-green commercial town of kerala and one of the finest natural harbors in the world . Boat tour is conducted to see few islands. Chances are there to witness "kathakali" dance , the famous classical dance of karala. In karala the food also differ and culture too.

Great Mosque of Aurangzeb :

Constructed using columns from the Bisewar temple razed by Aurangzeb, this great mosque has minarets towering 71 metres above the Gangas. Armed Guards protect the mosque as the Indian government wants to ensure there are no problems between Hindus and Muslims.

Durga Temple :

The Durga temple is commonly known as the Monkey temple due to the many monkeys that have made it their home. It was build in the 18th century by a Bengali Maharani and is stained red with ochre. The small temple is built in north Indian Nagara style with a multitiered Sikhara.

Bharat Madha Temple:

Dedicated to 'Mother India', this temple has a marble relief map of india instead of the usual images of gods and goddesses. It goes an excellent impression of the high isolation of the Tibetan Plateau. The temple was opened by Mahatma Gandhi, and non Hindus and allowed inside.