Mumbai a cluster of seven islands, derives its name from Mumbadevi; the patron goddess of the koli fisher folk, its oldest inhabitants. Once a Portuguese princess' dowry and later an adornment of neo-gothic british architecture, Mumbai today, is more than just a metropolis. It is infact an enigma of mud huts & sky-scrapers, age old traditions & high fashions, the industrialists' haven & movie makers' Hollywood. Bombay is the capital of maharastra and the economic powerhouse of india.

Chowpatty Beach :

A popular beach where celebration of festivals such as coconut day and the ganesh chaturthi immersions take place.

Gateway of India :

This 26 metres high stone archway is the first landmark of Bombay a visitor sees when arriving by ship. Gateway of India in the days when most visitors came to india b ship and when Bombay was india's principal port, this was indeed the "Gateway" to india.

Towers of Silence :

The paris is hold fire, earth and water as sacred and thus will not cremate or bury their dead. Instead the bodies are laid out within the towers to be picked clean by vultures.