It Is A Quiet Serence Spot Surrounded By Hills, Where The Ganga Is Still A Mountain Stream Making Its Swift Way Down To The Plains. Rishikesh Is, As Its Name Implies, A Place For The Rishis-The Sages And Monks Who Love In The Ashrams Along The Banks Of The River. This Town Is A Base For Pilgrimages Into The Himalayas, To Places Like Badrinath, Kedamath And To Yamunotri And Gangotri-Sources Of The Yamuna And Gange. It Is Also A Beautiful Valley Of Flowers. Inspite of its claim to being the Yoga Capital of the World' Rsihikesh is a quieter and more easy going place.

The Triveni Ghat :

It is an interesting place to be at down, when people make offerings of milk to the river and feed the surprisingly large fish. After sunset priests set floating lamps on the water in the Art ceremony. Nearby is the Bharat Mandir, the oldest temple here.

The suspension bridge, Lakshman Jhula : Rope bridge :

This is where Rams's brother Lakshmana is said to have crossed the river rope and the old Lakshman temple is on the west bank.