Mangalore has been a trading centre for many centuries some historians even point to a text by pliny as evidence than the city was well known to travelers in the 1st century. Little is known of its early history, but it appears to have been ruled for a considerable time by a tribe known as the alupas.

Udupi :

58 kms north, this town has the famous Krishna Temple with the Gold Chariot. It is here that the Saint Madhwacharya lived and preached 700 years ago. The famous masala dosa has its origin here.

Maple Beach :

It is 66 kms north of Mangalore. The pristine beauty complemented by peaceful surroundings, make this beach a favorite holiday spot.

Karkala :

Karkala is 52 Kms northest. The 452-ft tall monolithic statue of Bahubali and the St. Lawerance Church are the main attractions here.