The temple at Palani is an ancient one, situated at an elevation of 1500 feet above sea level. It is a charming campus from where on e can take a look at the Idumban Hill, the kodaikanal Hills, the Western Ghats, the greenery of the paddy fields, rivers, tanks, Palanitown and the colleges. On a lovely, clear and mist-free day. The Kurinci Andavar Temple is visible from here against the bright sun. In daytime, Palani is Hill Beautiful; at night, it is Hill Resplendent.

Tirukkovil :

This ancient and large temple at the foot of the hill is the third padai veedi celebrated in song, classics, legend and tradition since antiquity. The official name of the shrine is Kulandai Vellayudhaswami temple; Tiru Avinankudi is the name of the place. A sacred tank is attached to the temple.

Pankuni Uttiram :

Palani's most important festival is pankuni uttiram in March- April on the day Uttiram star (nakshatra)is ascendant. This ten day event at the Tiru Avinankudi temple, at the foot of the hill occurs in the off-season and so agriculturists and other rural folk participate in it and give offering of paddy to the temple. Some of the monthly krttikais draw a crowd of one lakh; the karttikai deepam and Vaikasi Visakam get two lakhs of persons each. The same may be said of Skanda Sasthi.