Aurangabad the only tourist district of India having two-world heritage monuments to its credit. Moreover it ishoped that there will be good addition of two more in near future. Barring these heritage monuments of Ajanta, Ellora, Daukutabad and Bibi-Ka- Maqbara the district is rich in monuments, historical and religious, of National importance. Hence, it deserves the epithet as Tourist District of India.

Foreign tourists visit India to see the beauty of "Taj" the dream in marble, to experience the world of Lord-Budha and to speak to the colors sculptures of Ellora - Ajanta and Ellora are the creations of the dedicated artists of the by-gone days of this region. Because the groups of the heritage caves there are large number of caves of equiste beauty at Pitalkhora, the earliest rock-cut-temples of Western India, at Ghototkacha in the panoramic gourge or Jajla hills and at Aurangabad the sulptural beauty of which is unmatched, on the periphery of the city itself. Besides these cave temples the district is handsomely adorned other heritage objects such as, the ancient city of Pratisthan ( Paithan) famous for exuberant Paithani sarees, the abode and saint Eknath and also known for the wood-work of the Peshwa period, Elopur the house of Ghrushneswara one of the twelve Jyotrilingas of india and also the "Gadhi" of the Bhosales, the ancestors of Chhatrapathi the architect of Hindevi Rajya, the impregnable fort of Devgiri, Daulatbad, Khultabad the seat of the Sufis and theRoza of the Aurangzeb in the midst his close relatives and preceptor.