The royal fortified city with a timeless appeal. Lying in the north of the Desert State, the city is dotted with many sand duned. Bikaner retains the medieval splendor that pervades the city's lifestyle More popularly called the camel country, the city is renowned for the best ridding camels in the world. The ship of the desert is an inseperable part of life here. Be it pulling heavy carts, transporting grains or working on wells. Camels are the prime helpers.


The well of Bikaner-an important source of water we another attraction of the city. These are built on high plinth with slender minerated towers on each of the Four Corners and can be noticed even from a distance.


Bikaner's history date backs to 1488A.D. when a Rathore Prince. Rao Bikaji-a descendant of the founder of Jodhpur (1459A.D) Rao Jodhaji, established his kingdom here. Rao Jodhaji had five sons but Rao Bikaji was the most enterprising of them.


Bikaji chose a barren wilderness called "Bangladesh"  and transformed it to an impressive city, called Bikaji after the Founder's Name. The strategic location of Bikaner on the ancient caravan routes that came from west/Central Asia, made it a Prime trade center in the times of the year.