welcome We are introducing for first time in the history of MNC Travel operators. We would like to introduce New Scheme 4 Hours and 40 KM, which gives you cost saving. How to save your cost now, suppose you use a car 7 hours you need to pay in the existing scheme for 10 hours and 100KM fixed hire charges, On the contrary you need to pay for 8 Hours. Suppose you use the car for 12hours but you need to pay 15 Hours and 150KM fixed hire charges in the existing scheme and you need to pay for 12 Hours only in the new scheme. In the above said new scheme is "You pay for what you Use"

In last few months you are aware of the price rise with regard to increasing of diesel only. But you are not aware about the rise of auto products price, Vehicle insurance, Tax, Auto spare parts, Driver salary, New Vehicle cost, Auto Finance Rate of interest and other auto products. So now we are forced to increase the rate. We enclose new Revised on call Tariff Rate From 1st July 2013. We request your kind corporation and Support to us.

Aware that the price rise is almost compensated by the new scheme